Based in Nancy, in the east of France, YÅ is well-known for his consistent style of productions and his persevering support for the techno scene. 

Rooted to genres like Gabber and Early-Hardstyle, he began DJing in 2014 and started to produce few years later. Keeping his style always developing, he pursues a recognizable creative aim.

In 2017, he also joined the industrial French techno collective “Rearguard” and released on several labels such as Eradys Records, Trouble and many more. In 2019, he published ‘’Fear Of Repercussions’’ on the label « The Meaning Of Rave» which got him the support from many artists such as Dax J, SPFDJ, Stranger, Regal, I Hate Models, to name a few. 

Lately, his style is defined more by the Neorave movement combined with the Early Hardstyle, essence of his music, as shown by his 2021’s EPs “Dance With Us” / “Age Of Creation” and some other self-releases.