Considered as the founding father of the ‘Neorave’ genre, Belgian based X&trick has been on the forefront of the international underground electronic scene since the late 90’s… Starting out as a hardtechno and experimental electronic promoter in the Belgian scene, he soon gained worldwide recognition as a dj and producer which led him to tour all over the globe and perform at places like the infamous Berghain, Dour Festival, the legendary Bang Face raves in England and hundreds of clubs, festivals and underground venues.

In 2008, he started the notorious Rave Alert parties in his home base city of Ghent, combining genres like (hard)techno, trance, hardcore, gabber, acid and electronica over several rooms. This sense for crossover led him to further develop the sound of Rave Alert, growing into a label and an agency in 2018. Signing names like Airod, Trym, DYEN, VCL, Jan Vercauteren and many more at the beginning of their career, he showcased his eye for innovating and forward thinking talents in the rave spectrum. Realising that this new breed of ’techno’ was reaching beyond the borders of techno, he decided to name the genre ’Neorave’…few years later, the Neorave movement has spread all over the world, leading X&trick into a busy tour schedule with a packed calendar, bringing him all over the world with one solo mission: spreading the sound of the Neorave.