DJ and techno producer, Soraä started mixing in 2017 and transitioned to production in 2018. Her music is made of diverse  influences ranging from Eurodance and trance of her childhood to crushing industrial and rave sounds. She has now drawn her influence for several years from the energy of Lyon rave parties, which offer an enormous diversity of artists and techno genres. After releasing a track for the first VA of Alien Theory Records, she joined the label crew to be  part of the Artistic direction.

In 2021, she joined the queer and activist crew « TFIF – The Futur Is Female », an activist collective without gender rules supporting LGBTQIA + minorities, where she loves to bring industrial and hard techno sounds to create dancefloor destruction.
In October 2021, she released her debut EP called REQUIEM, a mix between mystical and dystopian energies, on Brvtalist Sound Recordings.