Roentgen Limiter


Roentgen Limiter, Deejay & Producer from Barcelona (now living in Tenerife) , is known worldwide in the most powerful scene of Techno & Hard Techno since 2016. Produces and mixes the most energetic Hard Techno and Hard Neo Rave Sound.
Pioneer artist of Hard Techno genre of Beatport, the most important electronic music online store.

He is the owner of ‘Techno Is Our Destiny’ the most ambitious Techno project founded in 2021.

Germany is his second home, he has played in all the most important areas of the country. Among them Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Offenbach, Munich, Cologne, Mannheim, Bochum, Rostock … His artistic name is a tribute to this country, to the country of the cradle of Techno. He has also played and playing all over Europe and South America, where Hard Techno is in full swing.

His musical style is a mixture of the past, present and future of the Hard sound. Hard Techno sound with Early Hardcore-Hardstyle, Hard Trance, Acid, Frenchcore, new Hard Styles and 90’s-2000 sound. Roentgen Limiter has produced and mixed all types of electronic music with others ‘after egos’ since 2002,
touring hundreds of clubs and creating more than 450 tracks throughout his musical career. His creativity is reflected in each track. Their special tracks are composed of potent and marked sounds, combining hard kicks, destroyer bass, addictive melodies, dark atmospheres, old school elements and engaging grooves.

His songs sound all over the world and he has the support of the best artists of the moment and best festivals in the world.

Roentgen Limiter is the past, the present and the future of the real Hard Techno and Neo Rave sound. Let the strength of his music take over your body and mind.