REMY-X aka Remy Dupon, born and raised in the west of Belgium, started loving electronic music from the age of 12 and started experimenting with hard and software since he was 16 years old. Big music and party lover, he’s been making music for years and lost his heart in this! His sound is raw and unpolished and his
style is straight forward techno.
Nowadays, REMY-X is always busy making livesets and new tracks.
Released on labels Coincidence Records, GEN X, RAW, Dolma Records, Ragnarök Berlin and Darker Sounds. REMY-X always plays live sets with multiple drum machines, samplers and synths. A true hardware lover!
His biggest influences are likeminded hardware live artists like Karenn, Blawan, Surgeon, Jeff Mills, Aphex Twin,Richie Hawtin, Ansome, AnD, Octave One, SNTS, Benjamin Damage, TWCOR and also Belgian guys like Linear straight and [KRTM].
REMY-X latest tracks get much support from all over the world from artists like I Hate Models, Amelie Lens, Pan Pot, SHDW & Obscure Shape, AnD, Niereich, Slam, James Ruskin, Marika Rossa, Tom Hades, Insolate,..