Italian-born Lucas Campagna, a fresh face in the music scene, is a
perfect blend of happiness and power. His modern productions and
infectious energy behind the decks are capturing the attention of both
fans and established artists like Trym, 99999999, D. Carbone, DYEN,
SPFDJ, Airod, AnD, Parfait, PETDuo and many more. His signature style
combines Hard-Dance, Rave, and Oldschool influences, delivering a
decisive yet joy-infused sound.

With the recent launch of his label in collaboration with SDK, ‘Trash
Tunes Records,’ Lucas’s music journey is in full swing. His badass Vinyl
EP has already gained acclaim from industry heavyweights and dance
floors alike, gracing the stages of renowned events such as Possession,
Blackworks, Boiler Room, and HÖR. Lucas Campagna is swiftly making
his mark across European clubs, pushing boundaries, and exploring the
outer limits of music with innovation as his driving force.