Barcelona, Spain

Joanna Coelho

Barcelona, Spain

Joanna Coelho was born in the city of Curitiba, in Paraná (province) in southern Brazil. Pretty soon, her interest in electronic music was growing up. With the age of 17 Joanna graduated the “International Academy of Electronic Music” (AIMEC) in Curitiba. Joanna Coelho moved to The Netherlands and concluded the Electronic Music Production Course at SAE Rotterdam. From then on, she focused not only in her performances but also dared her first steps as a producer. Joanna has produced and played in the same line-ups as Jeff Mills, Sven Väth, Svetec, N.O.B.A , Alex TB, Pet Duo and other stars in the most varied countries and festivals in Portugal, Spain, Colombia, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Argentina and France amongst many others. She is working hard and knows how to evolve herself continuously, and grow with many new challenges and projects. She seeks to express her skills and personality through her music, bringing strong techno vibes into the scene.